Makoto Ando, National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Japan, President
Peter Van Daele, Ghent University, Belgium, Secretary-General

W. Ross Stone, Stoneware Ltd. San Diego, USA, Assistant Secretary-General (Publications & GASS)

Italian URSI Committee

Carlo Carobbi, University of Florence, Florence, Italy, President

GASS 2021 Scientific Program Chair

Alain Sibille, Telecom Paris, France

GASS 2021 General Chair

Guglielmo D’Inzeo, “La Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy

GASS 2021 Vice-Chair

Giuliano Manara, University of Pisa, Italy

GASS 2021 Local Organizing committee

Local arrangements

G. Schettini

G. Gallerano
A. Morabito
S. Pisa

Promotion and Communication

M. Liberti

P. Bolli
L. Crocco
G. De Franceschi
M. Messerotti
S. Selleri

On Site Organization

F. Apollonio

P. Baccarelli
A. Costanzo
V. Degli Esposti

Social Activities

G. Marocco

A. Michel
I. Rendina
L. Tarricone


A. Galli

G. Manara
M. Pastorino
F. Santucci
S. Selleri
L. Tarricone


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