Commision Tutorials

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Commission A Challenges and applications of ambient RF Energy Harvesting systems
Lecturers: Kyriaki Niotaki, Apostolos Georgiadis
Time schedule: Thursday, September 3; 10:10-11:10

Commission B Physical bounds for functional surfaces and materials
Lecturer: Daniel Sjöberg
Time schedule: Wednesday, September 2; 13:50-14:50

Commission C Cognitive Radar
Lecturer: Kumar Vijay Mishra
Time schedule: Monday, August 30; 16:20-17:20

Commission D Radiofrequency identification against COVID-19: How state of the art RFID technology and research may help facing pandemics
Lecturer: Gaetano Marrocco
Time schedule: Thursday, September 3; 13:50-14:50

Commission E Monitoring and predicting terrestrial and space environments using electromagnetic methods
Lecturer: Yasuhide Hobara
Time schedule: Thursday, September 3; 15:00-16:00

Commission F Radio-waves for Remote sensing of the Earth
Lecturer: Luca Baldini
Time schedule: Friday, September 4; 13:50-14:50

Commission G Ionospheric Imaging with Assimilative IRI
Lecturer: Ivan Galkin
Time schedule: Tuesday, September 1; 13:50-14:50

Commission H Machine learning in space physics and space weather
Lecturer: Jacob Bortnik
Time schedule: Thursday, September 3; 09:00-10:00

Commission J The Past, Present and Future of Phased Array Feeds in Radio Astronomy
Lecturer: Wim van Cappellen
Time schedule: Saturday, September 5; 11:30-12:30

Commission K ICNIRP guidelines on RF EMF human exposure limitations
Lecturer: Rodney Croft
Time schedule: Wednesday, September 2; 09:00-10:00