Author Info / Abstract Submission

Three types of papers can be submitted to GASS 2021 (visit GASS 2021 – CALLS page for templates with inside instructions) :

  • an extended abstract of 1 page maximum
  • a summary paper, of length between 2 and 4 pages
  • a full paper for the student paper competition, of maximum length 10 pages

In all cases, it will be required to indicate one commission of relevance for the paper, and one topic. The list of these topics can be found on the GASS 2021 – PROGRAM page, either specific to a commission or in the “joint sessions” list. In case the paper contents really badly fit in all of the topics, it is possible to submit in an “open session”, i.e. receiving works relevant to the commission but not well identifiable anywhere else.

In addition, at the submission stage, authors must indicate whether they opt for inclusion of their paper in the IEEE Xplore database (only for summary papers), if they wish to apply for a young scientist award and/or if they want to apply for the student paper competition . In the two latter cases, additional PDF documents will be required to upload before the submission can be finalized.

The submission can be edited or completed after logging out and logging again later, provided already entered data has been saved as indicated. At logging, “HOME” and “MY SUBMISSIONS” on the top/right corner of the page allows you to access submission, or to edit previous submissions, respectively.

Please be aware that an account is necessary for submitting. For technical reasons, the person who will submit will be listed in the proceedings as first author.

Authors of accepted papers at GASS 2020 who have chosen to transfer their paper to GASS 2021 are required to resubmit this paper, after changing the template to the correct one for GASS 2021. Under such condition, the paper will not be reviewed again. It is then warmly recommended to resubmit no later than Dec. 31, 2020.
It is also possible to submit after changing the scientific content, in which case the paper will be reviewed like a new submission, with deadline Jan. 31, 2021.

If you intend to submit your GASS 2021 paper to Radio Science Letters in a more extended version, it is advised to limit your paper to an extended abstract or a 2 pages Summary Paper.